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Business intelligence engineers are responsible for building out the architecture and infrastructure that meets the organization's needs

Here are five key areas to evaluate when trying to determine which business intelligence platform is right for you.

"The terms business intelligence (BI) engineer and business intelligence analyst are often used interchangeably. This causes great confusion because the job requirements and needs are different. A BI analyst uses the existing infrastructure to build reports and analytics to answer questions for management decision making. A BI engineer often assists in this effort as well but is also responsible for establishing and maintaining the infrastructure and architecture that supports this ongoing analysis and reporting..."

It's been a tough 18 months for businesses across industry sectors. To ensure that they keep their competitive edge in the wake of a global economic crisis, companies are becoming far more proactive where data and analytics are concerned

"Data analytics very often prove to be most useful as a means of driving cost efficiency, determining new strategic directions, and managing risk, all of which are more important now than ever as businesses fight to stay afloat.

The rise of data analysis is, in turn, bringing with it new business trends. Here are five of the biggest trends in 2021..."

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