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Utilizes multiple cloud technologies, protects edge, secures environment, delivers more next-gen features

Four New Requirements for Modern Backup Software Solutions

All enterprises contain multiple applications, databases, OSs, hypervisors, and data types in their data centers. As such, enterprises minimally expect any modern backup software solution to protect those items. However, protecting them only scratches the surface of the needs that enterprises expect modern backup software solutions to meet.

Backup compliance reporting is crucial to keep data safe and keep organizations compliant with data regulations. Learn more about its importance and how to ensure compliance.

"Backup compliance reporting for data backups has become a necessary and important function of data protection teams in today's compliance-driven world.

Compliance reporting can help to avoid a data breach or a data loss incident from occurring by uncovering protection gaps and areas where the organization might not be following best practices. A regulatory audit that finds noncompliance can lead to expensive fines, reputational damage and damage to customer trust..."

Top 25 Cloud Data Backup Enablers For July 2021, July 7th, 2021
The growth of the cloud backup industry, over the last decade has been dramatic, according to Backup Review

"The market has witnessed the rise and fall of many startups and stabilization of others. Interestingly, the companies that have gained a strong foothold in the industry are not all similar. There is a subtle distinction in the nature and types of services they offer. Some of these companies are pure enablers, while others combine enablement functions with direct-to-market services. Yet others, may license the software from enablers with or without re-branding options and service the cloud backup service needs of their clients..."

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