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New study shows just how distracting office noise is

"If you've ever felt your noisy open-plan office makes you cranky and sends your heart racing, our new research shows you aren't imagining it.

Prior to the pandemic 70% of office-based employees worked in open-plan offices. Employee complaints about this design are rife.

Yet there is little experimental research investigating the effects of office noise on things like cognitive performance, physiological stress , and mood..."

The Power - And Risk - Of The Personal Job Referral
Business 2 Community, July 7th, 2021
Earlier this year, my son was talking about how much he wanted a membership at the Edina Life Time.

"Keep in mind, he's 16 years old and the Edina Life Time is a Diamond Club, so it's the most expensive of all the Life Time clubs. Needless to say, we didn't rush out and buy him a membership. Instead, we encouraged him to get a job there.

Since I knew that might be a tall order, I called a friend of mine who works at Life Time. I asked her if there was anything she could do to put in a good word for my son. She did. And, not surprisingly, a few days later, my son had an interview.

It was the power of the personal referral-and we've all probably seen it play out many times in our careers.

If the person giving the referral-in this case, a senior-level corporate Life Time employee with a 8+ year track record of success-is highly regarded, it usually works pretty darn well.

However, the referral game isn't as easy-or risk-free-as it might seem..."

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