How To Drive Impact And Change Via DevOps
Information Age, July 7th, 2021
July 18, 2021,
Volume 280, Issue 2

Stephen Magennis, managing director for Expleo Technology (UK technology), discusses how impact and change can be driven via DevOps

"Increased demand for digital services is making it harder than ever for businesses to architect solutions that consistently deliver outstanding experiences and adjust to new trends. These days, this can include anything from a productivity app to an AI-powered insurance claims chatbot or a multi-platform banking portal.

In order to keep producing quality software applications and services at speed and scale, organisations need to adopt a DevOps approach. DevOps combines the practise of software development and IT operations, allowing organisations to build, test and design high value applications and services. This helps businesses deliver new and innovative products to customers faster. By combining DevOps with improved data capabilities, businesses can also capitalise on real-time analytics such as app usage, popular features and bottlenecks..."

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