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How HR Departments Of One Can Claim A 'Seat At The Table'
HRDIVE, September 2nd, 2021
September 12, 2021,
Volume 282, Issue 2

During an Aug. 24 webinar, speaker and consultant Lori Kleiman offered three tips to those attempting to pivot to a more strategic role.

"The HR pros who operate solo deal with a conundrum: They're assigned long lists of administrative tasks, but they're likely to want more strategic work," writes Katie Clarey in HRDIVE.

"This problem pushes single-person HR departments to prioritize agility and efficiency, according to Lori Kleiman, a consultant and speaker who specializes in small business operations. To make progress toward their goals, practitioners need to consider the practical and the philosophical, said Kleiman, who once staffed an HR department of one. They'll need to find tech tools that help them multitask, for instance; they'll also need to devise a strategy to ensure their department contributes to business growth..."

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