Innovating At The Edge? How Hybrid Cloud Overcomes The Complexity
IBM News, November 16th, 2022
November 16, 2022,
Volume 296, Issue 3

Emerging as one of the formidable tools that will help businesses drive innovation and uncover new revenue streams, edge computing holds the key to digital transformation by moving computing out to the 'edge' of the network - to the mobile devices, equipment, and routers where data is collected.

Transporting the cloud closer to where things are happening, edge computing enables businesses across industries to take advantage of all this data to make better decisions and better serve their customers at a lower latency than typical cloud computing.

A key benefit of edge computing is that users get a better experience in terms of reliability, speed, and potentially better privacy, helping companies comply with data sovereignty regulations by keeping data on location while still being able to provide all of the features expected of modern cloud-based software.

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