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Ransomware is a major threat for businesses of all sizes. According to figures from Statista, there were more than 623 million of these attacks in 2021, and the average cost of a ransomware payment reached $541,000 last year - though this only accounts for a fraction of the total cost of these incidents.

This correlates with confirmed attack statistics by BlackFog which saw a record number of attacks in 2021 and 2022.

Therefore, preventing ransomware from causing harm must be a top priority. But while efforts to prevent ransomware entering a business in the first place are vital, it's also crucial that firms have a strong response plan in place should their first lines of defense fail.

A clear strategy for ransomware removal and recovery can help minimize the costs and disruption associated with these incidents, prevent data from being exposed and reduce the chances of cybercriminals returning for repeated attacks.

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