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The development of AI technology has sparked intense competition that compels all service providers to adopt innovations to stay ahead of rivals. User safety is the top priority for cybersecurity firms.

User safety is the top priority for cybersecurity firms. Numerous servers host photographs, videos, links, and online pages; therefore, keeping them out of hackers' access is essential. Only cybersecurity experts can prevent our data from being compromised since black hat hackers are capable of breaching cybersecurity for a variety of reasons.

To identify new cyberattacks, AI in cybersecurity involves analysing a large amount of risk data and the relationships between risks in organisation information systems. To stop corporate intrusions, many cybersecurity firms are becoming more well-known. A number of AI-powered cybersecurity firms can protect Internet-connected systems or other IoT devices. Here are the top 6 cybersecurity firms to look out for in 2023.

The AI Market: An Overview
eWeek, January 9th, 2023
If there's a leading technology of the current era, artificial intelligence (AI) is clearly a top contender. The hype is constant and flows from all quarters.

AI's role in consumer products and enterprises alike is growing, rare for any technology.

AI as a platform spans hardware, software, and on-demand services. All three categories have very different players, although there is some overlap between hardware and software players.

The number of U.S. AI companies has doubled since 2017. According to Tracxn Technologies, which tracks startup businesses, as of the third quarter of 2022, there are 13,398 artificial intelligence startups in the United States.

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