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Compliance for many cybersecurity programs has been the cornerstone and the catalyst for why many programs exist in the first place.

Since the rise of the information technology function within the enterprise, security has been a priority for the companies and governing bodies in the industries and locations where they operate effectively. For many entities, compliance is critical to ensure ongoing business operations and support new business growth.

To understand the role of compliance standards in an integrated risk and compliance program, consider compliance standards as the physiological requirements in Maslow's hierarchy of needs: the foundational requirements like food, water, and shelter.

The devil's in the data, and data is everywhere. In modern-day business, staying away from data is almost impossible, and we can't imagine why you would want to.

Back in the day, you might have kept your client information in a locked drawer and cabinet. Nowadays, it's significantly more challenging to secure and protect. Enter data compliance.

What is data compliance?

Data compliance is the governance structure to formally ensure that organizations comply with all the laws, regulations and standards surrounding managing, obtaining, storing and protecting data. Data compliance governs all digital assets and data possession to prevent them from being compromised.

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