The Resolution Every CSO/CISO Should Make This Year
DARKReading, January 13th, 2023
January 20, 2023,
Volume 298, Issue 3

As security leaders look forward to what the new year brings, they're taking stock of everything - their teams, their technologies, their budgets - and trying to plan for what looks to be another challenging year.

While I don't have a Magic 8 Ball, 2023 looks like more of the same - the same budget constraints, the same supply chain problems, and the same cybersecurity challenges. There is also a lot of pressure currently on security leaders to do more with less while also facing more scrutiny and more accountability for the effectiveness of their cybersecurity programs.

Sophisticated and frequent cyberattacks, shrinking budgets, and a scattered workforce have only exacerbated preexisting security challenges to the point that it's hard to know what to address first. So, if you're a security leader still working on your New Year's resolutions, cyber resilience should be No. 1 on your list.

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