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Data And Storage Trends 2022, January 12th, 2023
Enterprises today want real-time, consistent, connected, and trusted data to support their critical business operations and insights

Any delay in the availability of data can have a negative impact on businesses. Ever-expanding data volumes, new governance requirements, data silos across clouds and on-premises, etc., can cause enterprises to slow down on their data strategy and create business challenges. Therefore, storage and protection systems remain critical to managing IT infrastructure.

Storage Buyer's Guide, January 10th, 2023
There are multiple approaches to storage to choose from, including SANs, NAS, DAS, and cloud storage.

Enterprise data storage is a centralized repository for information, which commonly off ers data management, protection, and sharing functions. Because enterprises handle massive amounts of business-critical data, storage systems that are highly scalable, off er unlimited connectivity, and support multiple platforms would benefitt them the most. There are multiple approaches to storage to choose from, including SANs, NAS, DAS, and cloud storage...

Fibre Channel Protocol In A Zero Trust World
Storage Gaga, January 11th, 2023
Fibre Channel SANs (storage area networks) are touted as more secure than IP-based storage networks. In a way, that is true because Fibre Channel is a distinct network separated from the mainstream client-based applications

Moreover, the Fibre Channel protocol is entirely different from IP, and the deep understanding of the protocol, its implementations are exclusive to a selected cohort of practitioners and professionals in the storage technology industry.

The data landscape has changed significantly compared to the days where FC SANs were dominating the enterprise. The era was the mid 90s and early 2000s. EMC was king; IBM Shark was a top-tier predator; NetApp was just getting over its WAFL NAS overdose to jump into Fibre Channel. There were other fishes in the Fibre Channel sea.

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