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New 'Application-Centric Connectivity' solution allows business operations in hybrid cloud environments

IBM, today at ONUG, unveiled IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh, a SaaS offering that is designed to enable enterprises to bring management to their hybrid multicloud infrastructure. Driven by 'Application-Centric Connectivity', IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh is engineered to automate the process, management and observability of application connectivity in and between public and private clouds to help modern enterprises operate their infrastructure across hybrid multicloud and heterogeneous environments.

The modern enterprise operates in a hyper-distributed world where users, applications, and data can be distributed across multiple locations and environments. A 2022 study conducted by IDC'1' found that 76% of the enterprise data will be created and processed at the edge. Thus, organizations now require an offering that improves the network paradigm and provides businesses with the ability to provide secured, dynamic access to workloads and services while maintaining granular visibility, and control.

IBM is announcing it has acquired Polar Security, an innovator in technology that helps companies discover, continuously monitor and secure cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) application data - and addresses the growing shadow data problem.

Today's news marks IBM's 5th acquisition in 2023. Since Arvind Krishna became CEO in April 2020, IBM has acquired more than 30 companies, bolstering its hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

The pandemic drove a sharp increase in cloud adoption, leaving organizations to grapple with a deluge of cloud data that led to more silos and 'shadow data'- sensitive data not being tracked or managed.

Founded in January 2021, Polar Security is a pioneer of data security posture management (DSPM) - an emerging cybersecurity segment that reveals where sensitive data is stored, who has access to it, how it's used, and identifies vulnerabilities with the underlying security posture, including with policies, configurations, or data usage.

The Weather Company was over 3 times more likely to be the most accurate forecaster than other weather providers studied

IBM nd its subsidiary The Weather Company, which includes The Weather Channel digital properties, were determined to be "the overall most accurate provider globally" by ForecastWatch, a premier organization for evaluating the accuracy of weather forecasts. In fact, The Weather Company has been the world's most accurate forecaster overall every year since the study began in 2017.

Accuracy has become increasingly paramount as people and businesses continue to monitor weather forecasts to help them make decisions, especially amid the growing volatility of weather and a changing climate. In fact, a recent study validated that 91% of respondents cited accuracy among the top five leading criteria for why they select a weather provider.

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